naslovnica zvezek1 2019

Dušan Nečak Utrinek ob jubileju prof. dr. Franca Rozmana

Vlasta Stavbar

Anton Tomšič, the first Slovene professional journalist

Filip Čuček

“Deutsch, deutsch!” Fran Rosina in Graz regional parliament

Aleksander Duh

“Yugoslavia is not entangled in any army, and since general peace
is to be expected in the coming months, there is no need at all for
the implementation of shelters!” Maribor in the late 1930s and early
1940s, when it was clear to (almost) everyone that the outbreak
of war was only a matter of time

Peter Mikša,

Matija Zorn

The national battle for the mountains and the Slovenian identity

  In memoriam

Srečko Reher

In memoriam profesorici dr. Cvetki Hedžet Tóth (1948–2020)


Reviews and reports

Marjan Toš

Martin Previšić: Zgodovina Golega otoka

Marjan Toš Tajna skladišča orožja to v letih 1990–1991

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