The Review for History and Ethnography (from here on ČZN) is a scientific journal that is being published for the longest time among all Slovenian historical periodicals and the first journal dedicated to ethnology. The Historical Society for Lower Styria began publishing the review back in 1904. They published 35 volumes by the time of German occupation. From 1965 the Association of Higher Education Institutions (from 1975 the University of Maribor) in cooperation with the Historical society of Maribor continued publishing the ČZN.

In the first years of publishing the authors of articles were colleagues of the founders of the Historical Society of Maribor and Slovenian scientists from Graz, Vienna and Ljubljana. In the period between the World Wars, most of the articles were from the circle of society members in Maribor, where the new Slovenian scientific centre has been formed. This publishing policy continued even after the renewal of the journal, when Maribor got several institutions and a university.

In its editorialolicy the ČZN has followed its more than a century-old tradition of interdisciplinarity, it published scientific articles in the field of history, ethnology, geography, linguistics, archaeology, art history and local history. The ČZN also follows the newest publications and developments in its reviews and reports. It primarily covers the history and ethnology of the North-East Slovenia, although its coverage has been expanded during the last few years.

The journal also aims to publish biographical records, such as researches and memoires. All scientific texts are being peer reviewed and are published in the Slovenian language. The articles are completed with the decimal classification and typology of documents for bibliography management in the COBISS (Co-operative Online Bibliographic System and Services) system. Each article has a Slovenian and an English synopsis and keywords, summaries are in English and German. Estimated extent of three volumes (four numbers) that are being published per year is 55 copyright sheets. More than 90% of the contents are scientific contributions, the rest are professional articles, reviews, reports and memoirs.

The members of the ČZN editorial board are mostly university professors and professors from abroad. They cover different scientific disciplines and most of them are also reviewers. We do not hesitate to invite external reviewers if necessary. Authors of scientific articles and other contributions are mostly university professors and scientists as well as excellent researchers in a particular field. We also offer the publishing opportunity to young promising but not yet established researchers.

With publishing of the Review for History and Ethnology we would like to contribute to the preservation of historical memory and the findings of scientific work in these areas also in the future.

Editorial Board:
Marjeta Ciglenečki, PhD, Associate Professor, Senior Research Fellow, France Stele Institute of Art History ZRC SAZU (Slovenia)
Darko Darovec, PhD, Full Proffessor, University of Maribor, Faculty of Arts (Slovenia)
Jerneja Ferlež, PhD, University of Maribor, University of Maribor Library (Slovenia)
Miroslava Grašič, National Liberation Museum Maribor (Slovenia)
Marko Jesenšek, PhD, Full Proffesor, University of Maribor, Faculty of Arts (Slovenia)
Tone Ravnikar, PhD, Assistant Proffesor, University of Maribor, Faculty of Arts (Slovenia)
Franc Rozman, PhD, Full Proffesor (Slovenia)
Vlasta Stavbar, PhD, University of Maribor, University of Maribor Library (Slovenia)
Igor Žiberna, PhD, University of Maribor, Faculty of Arts (Slovenia)
Marjan Žnidaršič, PhD (Slovenia)
Theodor Domej, PhD (Austria)
Dragutin Feletar, PhD (Croatia)
Peter Wiesflecker, PhD (Austria)

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