naslovnica zvezek3 4 2008

Paola Korošec,
Iva Mikl Curk
Entrepreneur, technologist or collector - Sigilata on one of the Ptuj houses from the roman period
Boris Golec The earliest testimonies of Primož Trubar, References, signatures and seals between 1526 and 1545
Jurij Perovšek The points of view of the slovene liberal politics on the armed forces of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes/Yugoslavia 1918-1941
Jure Gašparič The relation between the Slovene people's party and the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes/Yugoslav army
Mateja Čoh The backgrounds of trials against members and supporters of illegal groups in Slovenia between 1945 and 1952
Jure Gašparič The change of political elites in Slovenia after the Second world war
Miran Aplinc The leather industry development in Šoštanj
Alenka Valh Lopert Volkmer's germanisms from the point of view of the social type denotations in the present-day slovene standard handbooks
  Reviews and reports
Marjan Toš Sto let v kraljestvu Zlatorog 
Marjan Toš To ni otroška igra (Otroci med holokavstom - ustvarjalnost in igra) 
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