naslovnica zvezek2 3 2010

Boris Golec The hardly known and the unknown influential middle-class relatives of Primož Trubar
Irena Marković Discoverin g the West part of the North America in the beginning of the 19th century. The Lewis and Clark expedition (1804-1806). Part I.: The importance of the political and economic development of the United States of America between 1776 and 1809 for the Lewis and Clark expedition
Franc Rozman Events in the revolutionary year 1848 according to the records of the Ptuj historical archives
Nina Hriberšek Vuk The Maribor euphemistic society and the city's Tourist offer in the last decades before the world war I
Aljaž Mejal The activities of Miroslav Ploj, Ph.D. in Vienna after the World war I. (1919-1920) 
Peter Simonič The spatial and chronological adjustments of the slovene political mythology and ritual 
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