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  Congresses and symposia
Marko Jesenšek  Prvi slovenski tabor v Ljutomeru
  Razprave - studies
Miroslav Novak The chosen milestones in the cultural values shaping of the residents of Ljutomer and its surroundings from the middle ages until the middle of the 20th century
Miran Puconja The East-Styria (Prlek) public and cultural characteristics as co-shapers of the national political movements
Vincenc Rajšp The priests Jožef Rajšp and Božidar Raič in the slovene national-political movement in the 60s of the 19th century
Stane Granda 1848 and 1868: problems of continuity and disconutinuity
Matjaž Klemenčič The idea of a United Slovenia until entry into the Schengen area and the position of Slovenes in neighbouring countries
Bernard Rajh A look at the slovene 19th century
Stanislav Kocutar The first slovene "tabor" meeting in the histography
Dragan Potočnik The modern history lessons - an example of treatment of the teaching unit: the first slovene "tabor" meeting in Ljutomer
Anton Ratiznojnik The role and the importance of Božidar Raič for the development of the national awareness in Ljutomer and its surroundings
Zdenka Kresnik The reflection of the national awakening in the Ormož area
Ivan Rihtarič The Kapela "tabor" meeting in 1870
Zinka Zorko The dialect of Lower Prlekija
Marko Jesenšek Slovene language - from Beseda in Mala Nedelja do "Tabor" meeting in Ljutomer
Natalija Ulčnik Distinctive features of language and content in contemporary reports of the Slovenian "tabor" meeting
Melita Zemljak Jontes Dialectical characteristics in selected works of Božidar Raič
Mira Krajnc Ivič A text analysis of passages of speeches delivered upon the occasion of the first Slovenian "tabor" meeting
Simona Pulko The issue of Slovenian as language of learning (second half of the 19th century
Vlasta Stavbar Bibliografija o taborskem gibanju na Slovenskem 1868-1871 
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